Oregon’s 1st UWH Clinic!

Oregon UWH held it’s first clinic last weekend!

Chris Jolie took us through defensive, neutral and offensive pool zones as well as the basic strategies used for playing in each. If you missed out on the awesome, detailed packet he organized for us, download your copy here!

In addition to learning about the playing field, participants were able to cycle through several individual skill stations including, curling drills, stick handling drills and shooting obstacles. then we broke into (2) teams playing several scrimmage games that put all the new information to immediate test in real game situations.

The evening was topped off at Josh’s home with a delicious potluck and brainstorm session for Team Oregon 2015!

Great work everyone. I really look forward to perfecting my skills with you each week!



36th Annual Victoria Potluck

Time to book your calendar for the 2015 36th Annual Victoria Potluck UW Hockey tournament!

Date: Sunday, January 18, 2015 : Mark the date in your 2015 calendar NOW!

Pool:  Saanich Commonwealth Place, 4636 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria, BC : http://www.saanich.ca/parkrec/recreation/commonwealth.html

Registration time :  9-9:30am

Pool Time:  10:30-5pm

To save time that morning, if you plan to attend, please pre-register with the following info:

City, Prov or state:
Email address:
Offense or Defense:
Skill Level:
>Novice:  (one year or less)
>Intermed:  (playing for more than one year; or Experienced but joints no longer working as well)
>Experienced:  (played in national or international competition)
>Expert:  (played in national or international competition in the last 3 years)
Age Group:
>Junior: U19;
>Senior: Over 60

Let me know if you need directions, accommodation or have any other questions.

Regards from

Patti Kagawa