Oregon Planning Meeting

Members from the Newport, Corvallis and Portland clubs are all cordially invited to a dinner Potluck and team talk at Michael Riccitelli’s house in Corvallis OR on Saturday February 15th at 6pm.  Bring an edible dish and ideas to share…rookies and long time club players are all encouraged to come by!

There are a lot of inevitable changes coming to US Underwater Hockey as the sport continues to grow.  Some simple organization of “Team Oregon” may allow us to compete and excel at the National level in the future.

Goals of this meeting: Creation of an Oregon Underwater Hockey League and Governing Committee, New goals and expectations for the future of Oregon Hockey, Possible plan for participation in The US Nationals as a unified State team (now and in the future), Creation and support for the Oregon UWH website and Creation of local Tournaments/Events.

We hope you can Join us!

Please email Michael or Kim for address, directions or other questions!

For google Hangout access to the meeting please send your google account info (google+ name) and phone # to Loren. Hangout will start at 6:30pm.


Denver Tournament Success!


gearing up!

Gearing up for another game!

team photo

Team photo

The Oregon Team took part in the Denver Battle@Altitude tournament this weekend and despite entering the arena with (1) broken rib, (1) mashed finger and everyone adjusting to breath-holding in the mile high city… We placed 3rd out of 8 teams!  Our toughest battles were against the Texas Aquatoros and Denver A-team.  We out swam the Texans to avoid their dirty fouling tactics and won both times we faced them.  Then the Denver team showed us what fitness and team play can really mean, they were awe-inspiring to what we could become with a little hard work.

Top 4 places were awarded to (in order): Denver A-Team, Yo’s whore team, OREGON, and then Aquatoros in 4th place.  It was a tremendous effort by everyone, and I am so proud to play on the Oregon Team.

Also, I would like to congratulate Oregon’s first (to my knowledge) CMAS sanctioned Level 1 referee… Michael Riccitelli.  Michael can be our new go-to authority on all legal questions.  He plans to continue his training to the next level at Nationals in the summer.

More pictures and video (thanks to Cate) can be found here: https://plus.google.com/photos/109462512666428122381/albums/5971757674044316769?authkey=CJ-ToMf8tr2aLQ