Portland Mini-Tournament

The 4th Annual Portland Mini-Tournament was hosted Sunday, July 20th 2014.

The tournament lasted 3 hours and we played a new team setup: Each player was assigned to a Pod of 3 players. These pods were combined every game to create teams of 6 players and a round robin was coordinated between the team combinations. Each pod received 3 points for a game won, 2 for a tie and zero for a loss.

The winning Pod was: The “J-Team” Jorge, Jasmin and Jim. Congratulations J-Team!

Join us next year for a great day of hockey!

Pre-tournament, players gather.pre-tournament Seattle crowd

Sticks Up! Go!Jorge  308


2014 UWH Nationals – OR takes 2nd Place in the B Division!

We are proud to announce Team Oregon finished 2nd place in the B division.

We played a 3-3 formation and stuck with it all tournament. We have been training very hard to control the movement of the game: Choosing when to contain the threat from our opponents vs. when to open up the playing field through swings and drives. It was this ability paired with our hard-earned fitness that allowed us to beat teams with so many different styles of play.

Forward Lineup = Loren Mueller (Corvallis), Justin Azhocar (Corvallis), Lars Rukowski (Portland) and Kim Skukas (Portland)

Back Lineup = Mark Swick (Corvallis), Michael Riccitelli (Corvallis), Joey Danna (Newport) and Scott Dettloff (Portland)

The highlight of the weekend was our upset against the 3rd seed Chicago team on Sunday morning. We beat them 3-1 to qualify for the finals game after loosing to that same team 4-0 in the round robin games on Friday.

PCC’s is just around the corner…. Will you join team Oregon?