Swim Workouts

Swim Set links below!

O = over: 25 yards
U = under: 25 yards
BOGDAT = breath once go down and touch bottom… repeat, repeat, for specified length
HOHU = half over, half under: 25 yards
HUHO = half under, half over: 25 yards
FU = full under (usually 100 yards, breathing only at the walls)
TOFU = three lengths over, fourth length under: 100 yards
aSap = as SLOW as possible: 25 yards under

Last one, fast one rule applies almost always: Watch the clock and try to really rock out the last one in each set….

Swim Set 1 3775yds
Swim Set 2 3850yds
Swim Set 3 2600yds
Swim Set 4 3900yds
Swim Set 5 3600yds

Looking for a little more?

Try Tyera’s swim sets from the National UWH page: http://www.usauwh.com/workouts/tyera.php