2014 PCC’s Las Vegas!

Hello all!

Your Team Oregon competed at the Pacific Coast Championship (PCC’s) in not-so-sunny Las Vegas last weekend.  After some excitement with thunderstorms resulting in pool evacuation, the tournament took off to a bumpy start.

We entered the highest divisional level of play “Elite” and were thoroughly beaten in Saturday’s games… it was a complete shut-out.  However, our moral remained high and we were able pick up skills as the day wore on.  Then with the arrival of Mark Swick on Sunday, we rallied to score several goals and ultimately tied two games.  Our final standing was 6th out of 7 teams in our division.  1st place was taken by the club Aletas, flying to PCC’s all the way from Medellin, Colombia!

The Oregon line-up:
back line – Chris Jolie, Michael Riccitelli, Joseph Danna and Mark Swick
forward line – Kim Skukas, Loren Mueller, Jim Erjavac, Josh Humbert, Cate Mitchell, Bill Letsom

A good time was had by all and if we keep up the training, Team Oregon will one day win the Elite division!

Excited for the next one,