Game Strategy

Play Areas

Click this link for a visual guide: Play Areas (pdf)

Try to think of the pool as divided into thirds:

Defending Third – Move the puck directly to the nearest side.  DO NOT hang out, curl, pass or allow the puck to be driven by the other team through the center towards our goal.

Clearing The Goal (ppt)

Center Third – Transition to an attack on our opponents goal.  If the pool is open, the fastest way to score is a straight line the center of our opponents goal, take it if you’ve got it! However, that straight line may not always be the path of least resistance, so in the center our team needs to bring the puck off of the wall, swing to the far side, find open water, setting ourselves up to charge our opponents goal…. be VERY CAREFUL not to make a poor pass or half-hearted swing that allows our opponents to create an attack on our goal.

Offensive Third – ATTACK!!!!! Always try to score from the wide front of the goal.  Avoid our opponents corners because that is where they are strong.  Within 5-10 feet from their goal we should have a lot of players down… All players should be pushing and funneling the puck towards the center and the goal, keeping it out of the corners.  When we are in front of their goal we score. period. no excuses. finish it.


Weak-Side Forward Positioning – Where should you be when the puck is on the opposite wall? How do you position to stop the opponents swing? Check out the PPT.

Weak-Side Forward Positioning (ppt)


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