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To All US Underwater Hockey Players,
Hockey in the US is what you make of it.  Quite a few people already give a significant amount of their time developing the sport, whether it’s as functional directors on a national basis, starting new clubs, helping with major tournaments and national teams, or just keeping your local club program going.  Great strides have been made in recent years to these efforts, but we need more.  If you have a lot or a little to give, any effort is appreciated.  Currently we’re seeking volunteers in two areas– Blogging and an Awards Committee.  Details below:
Bloggers needed for USA Underwater Hockey website
You have a lot to say?  You want somewhere to say it?  Now’s your chance!  We’re looking for people to blog for the USAHockey website.  We’d like to get some of the various leaders (coaches, refs, development people) to participate, but just about anyone is welcome.  All you need is some interesting perspective on hockey.  By this we mean we don’t want someone who just wants to bitch about what was wrong at their last practice (or national tournament), or babble on about the same thing over and over.  But you don’t have to be a coach, or a member of the Worlds team, or a Director.  If you have interesting thoughts or perspective about the game and are willing to share them on a regular basis (a monthly post is a typical need, but timeframes may vary), then there’s a place for you.
Note that this is not a place for a commercial operation to promote itself, or someone to repeatedly ask for money for this or that need.  And writings will, of course, need to be not “adult only” or NSW.  But with minor restrictions you’ll be able to write what you want.
Please contact Tyera Eulberg at


Give something back to your UWH community!

Seeking volunteers to join the new USA UWH Awards Committee. This committee will be responsible for identifying players, coaches, volunteers, and other members of the community who deserve special recognition through the form of awards.  This new committee is open to new ideas in terms of identifying awards to be given out and the selection process. All you need to have is a willingness to meet as a committee and respond to emails in order to form list of awards and selection criteria.

Please indicate your interest in joining the committee by Mar 15th. Based on expressed interest, the committee members will be appointed by the governing committee.

Please contact William Cleveland by email at if interested.