OR UWH org meeting update

Oregon Underwater Hockey Players!

Saturday night (Feb 15th, 2014) we had a very successful meeting and progress was made towards a unified Oregon effort! There were 7 of us at Michael’s home and 5 more joined online. This is the plan for moving forward:

Each club (Corvallis, Newport and Portland) will send a representative to be a part of the Oregon Board. Expect an email from Lars, Joey or Shawn with more info to come soon. Chosen representatives will act on our behalf to build all of Oregon Underwater hockey by doing things such as:

  • Develop a plan for an Oregon league
  • Map out a schedule for competitive and developmental tournaments
  • Investigate state finance solutions
  • Market our sport to create a larger rookie base
  • Create a document of guidelines that future Boards can follow to grow and change.

Note: These representatives are not expected to do all this work by themselves. Their purpose is to create unified decisions so others may be delegated to work on individual items.

Time-line for this next year and a half: We vote Board in by March 1st and the Board has a plan for moving forward with document by April 1st.

Time-line for all future Years: Board voted in after the fall (PCC’s/ Nationals) season with a plan for moving forward expected every year by the end of the calendar year.

Thanks for being a part of this exciting time in Oregon Hockey!!